Hello world!

I think that this is an appropriate title for my first post. Most of my life I spent hiding. I thought by choice. I am SO ready and excited to share myself and my story. It took me 30 years to come forward about the abuse I experienced as a child that I KNEW about. Then there was my 2o year marriage and the relationships after. Over the past 2 years God has taken me on a journey to show me just how much He has been there in my life when I thought that He had abandoned me. Psychic Abuse is REAL. It is what I have experienced the past 30 years along with sexual and emotional abuse and through Gods grace I am alive today. I don’t want anyone else to suffer what I have. You have the power to create your life on purpose. You are unique and special and God loves you! You have every capability to design your life on PURPOSE! I hope that my experiences will help you to see how amazing and valuable you are to the world and to God!

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