Justice for Gabby

A few days ago I was driving for Uber and I picked up a passenger in Salt Lake. He took me to a place called the Alta club. He was a server there I believe. As we got closer he started talking to me about the history of the place, told me that it was haunted. I got chills everywhere, I just started getting excited. when I pulled up there in front of the club again the just the energy I could feel it and a feel of part excitement and I didn’t understand what that was about. After I dropped this man off, I got the inspiration to look it up. after I dropped this man and another rider off, I googled it and I was looking through the pictures I got the feeling I’m stuck I’m stuck I’m stuck and that there was a girl there and I didn’t know who exactly so I I just went driving and I just dismissed it. a few days later maybe two days ago it was Saturday I was talking to my fiance Friday night and I just got done talking with James and I got the feeling Alta club Alta club so I looked I looked it up again and as I was doing this I got the feeling I’m stuck.

and so I asked her what her name was and she said Gabrielle and I said how old are you and she said 14 and I said why are you here she said something to the effect of that she was ashamed you know she couldn’t leave because her family you know what she did her family her father especially would be disappointed in her and think she was dirty and I asked her what happened she said that she’d been raped and I told her it was not her shame it was that man’s and that her family loved her very much and was just waiting for her they were looking for her and that she should just go home and I told her to look you know that to look up that there were people surrounding her and him and she did and she thanked me and she leFt. That was the first time anything like that it really happened to me and it was in such detail but afterwords I decided to Google again just to make sure her wasn’t losing my mind and so I googled 14-year-old murder Salt Lake City 14-year-old girl murdered Salt Lake City and Orr Utah actually and what I got up was in 1982. There was a girl named Gabrielle they called her Gabby and she was found shot in the head in a city a little bit further out but what I got the feeling that she died at that club she died at that club she was raped and she was killed and then shot in the head later and I just got the feeling thank you thank you and that was amazing since then I’ve had quite a few other spirits come to me telling me that they were stuck and I haven’t googled the rest of them but for the most part I think I’ve been able to help them and that is been just an amazing fantastic experience.

She came to me again and gave me more information and so I called the tip line given in the video. Her death had something to do with the Alta club in Salt Lake City. The 3rd Bedroom on the 2nd floor the night she was murdered. If you have any information regarding this poor girl. Please come forward. Lets get Justice for this poor girl.

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