Welcome to my world! It is unique and colorful! But it wasn’t always so. A couple years ago I felt a flash of love in my heart and from that moment my life was never the same. Things started happening that I could not explain.

I started hearing voices in my head, my reality was changing on a secondary basis. I started feeling and hearing things were a bit trippy and behaving in ways I could not explain. It took me a little bit of time but I realized I was a psychic/medium. What happened after was not something that I expected. I started feeling ashamed, like I’d done something wrong. I also felt like a freak because it’s something you see on TV but it’s not something you ever expect to happen to you . ESPECIALLY being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

During this time I had to rely entirely upon God to carry me and to keep me alive. My family didn’t believe me, My church leaders didn’t believe me, and at times it was hard for me to believe me!

I started to repress and try and bury these gifts in an attempt to be normal. However I had people with similar abilities attacking and manipulating me and trying to control me. Something I learned from a mentor of mine what you resist persists and I had to embrace these gifts as something from God.I don’t believe God gives gifts abilities for no purpose. I was given these gifts for a reason for a purpose and I believe that purpose is to help build others up to help serve them but it took a long time for me to be able to accept that. During this time I had to develop such a strong faith in God. I had to walk through the fire and try to stay alive. In order to stay alive I had to Believe.